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Design dungeon maps with ease and play out dungeon adventures on your table-top. No more old-school mapping, either! Our completely modular dungeon tiles make it all so easy. Perfect for existing adventure sites, you can use these to create your own dungeon adventures too. Increase the excitement and enjoyment of all your games.
Got miniatures? Then you'll really love these tiles!

Example Map Created Using Dungeon Tiles (Dungeon Set)

Another Example Map (Tunnels Set)

Any Dungeon. Any Where. Any When.

Dungeon Tiles Galore!

Our dungeon tiles allow you to create just about any adventure site you can imagine, big or small. Make your games that much more exciting!

Two Sets and Growing...

The above maps show our two "basic sets" of dungeon tiles. You get full and complete access when you become a Troll Town supporter on Patreon.

New Tiles Monthly!

We're releasing a new set every month, and adding new tiles to existing sets ongoing. The possibilities are vast and soon to be endless. Join us!

Something for Everyone!

You don't have to be an troll lord to afford our tiles; get started for as little as
$1 per month. Higher levels offer even more bennies. Level up?

Unlimited Supply!

Rather than getting a small number of pre-printed tiles, you get a PDF of every tile. Print out as many as you need on any standard printer.

90+ Tiles So Far...

You'll get over 90 total tiles to start with, and we'll be adding more monthly. So no matter the dungeon, you can "map" it and play on it in real time.


Each tile is 8" on a side, and each "square" within is 1" – standard size for use with 25mm miniatures. But you can print tiles to whatever size/scale you need!

Goodies Galore!

There's much more than just tiles, too! Go to our Patreon page to see how you can get your name on a tile, earn awesome FREE SWAG and much more!

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