Here at TrollTown, our goal is to provide you, our soon-to-be patron, with the best dungeon tiles available for gaming. Our tile sets are extensive, growing and soon to be encyclopedic. For those of you who don’t remember encyclopedias (ahem), let’s just say that means broad and deep coverage. In this case, of a wide variety of environments – from the man (or monster, or demon) made to the natural, for many different gaming genres.

Troll Town (where Dungeon Tiles are born) at NightOur initial launch – Dungeon Tiles and Tunnel Tiles – encompasses over 90+ tiles, with many more in the shadows, ready to emerge into the light. We’ve been hard at work, pounding at new sets, including one we’re really excited about – Cavern Tiles.

Our business model is simple: become our patron! For a measly $1 per month, you can get full and complete access to our Basic Tiles Sets, including upgrades and expansions, in perpetuity. Well, so long as you stay our patron! If you want more cool stuff – like access to our Dungeon Tiles of the Month or highly coveted Dungeon Mini-Tiles – then you can Level Up for just a few bucks more. The higher the Level you go, the more and better goodies you get. Sorta like D&D!

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The Mayor

cropped-TT-Mayor-for-Icon-1a.jpgThe Mayor of TrollTown – Lrak to his friends, Mr. Mayor to the rest – is our town’s founder, the leading light of the venture, our captain of industry who got this all off the ground, and general roustabout. He was, in another incarnation, a Hollywood/Fortune 500 Creative Director who worked on national and international branding, launch and sales campaigns for major theatrical releases, television, toys, games, automotive and general industry. He created movie posters, packaging, print and multi-media campaigns, websites and much, much more. Self-exiled from the trade he fell on his sword for, he has been remade as a “distemperate” and “feral” swamp troll. Some would say little has changed.

In the Mayor’s own inimitable words:

“It’s my greatest ambition to provide visitors a few minutes of pleasant diversion – and sell them some gob-darned dungeon tiles!

So don’t go away. Please stay. And help support all the lil trollkin who would otherwise be eaten – or eat you. Thank you”

A self-described bon vivant, raconteur and man(troll)-about-town, the Major is known far and wide for his relative civility and personal hygiene. Since his species reassignment biomancy, the Mayor has been a fashion model, a Miss Multiverse in Drag, the 3-Time All-State Elf Eating Champion (47 – World Record) and troll rights advocate. These days, however, he most prides himself on his work as a dungeon tile craftstroll.