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Basic Dungeon Tiles – What’s In The Sets?

Show Me the Dungeon Tiles!

TrollTown Basic Dungeon Tiles Set as of 11/16

TrollTown Dungeon Tiles Basic Set as of 11/16. CLICK TO ENLARGE!

It’s a cry we have heard here at TrollTown. So let it not be said that we are deaf to your calls, oh adoring public. Ahem. So, in an effort to appease those grumblers and please those who are really curious, here ya go – what’s inside the Basic Dungeon Tiles and Tunnel Tiles.

NOTE: These are simply screen shots of small thumbnails being displayed on my computer desktop, to give you an idea of what’s available. Look for videos soon showing the entire sets, large enough you can really see the tiles in detail.

Future Plans for the Basic Dungeon Tiles

At this point in time, the Basic Tunnels outnumber the Basic Dungeon Tiles, simply because there are so many more variables with the the former than the latter. At the moment. We’ve still got a few alternate pieces to add, and then (eventually) we’ll start adding the Large Corridor Tiles (4 squares wide, rather than 2), which will dramatically expand the possibilities here. Finally, we’ll do some Narrow Corridor Tiles (1 square across) to fully round out the core set. It will probably have 30 more tiles at that point, but I can’t say for sure.

We have quite a number of Tunnel Tiles to add as well. Lots of variants to do yet…

TrollTown Tunnel Tiles Basic Set as of 11/16

TrollTown Tunnel Tiles Basic Set as of 11/16. CLICK TO ENLARGE!

Remember, you can get ALL these goodies from us, starting today. And it will only cost ya a buck. That ain’t much, for all the play value you’re gonna get here. So, support your local craftstroll!

Get Your Basic Dungeon Tiles Today!

Just head on over to our Patreon page, become a patron for $1, and you’ll get two PDFs containing all the tiles. Print out as many as you need, whenever you need them. Be free of the tyranny of expensive, cumbersome, clunky 3D tiles. Speed up and enhance your game play with these badass tiles, starting today!

If in doubt, you can get some free dungeon tiles here. Try before you buy! 😉

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