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Thanks to Our First Patrons…


We’ve got patrons! Great Troll Gods! It’s happened! Here they are; hopefully, the first of many. 🙂 We’re on our way with our first batch of honest-to-goodness, “for real” patrons. Thanks to these good folks for believing in us and showing support. As our first backers, your names shall be enshrined in history, incised in […]

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a couple of years ago

Troll Town, Dungeon Tiles HQ

Dungeon Tiles from

Dungeon Tiles Galore! Welcome to Troll Town, your Dungeon Tiles HQ, where we (the imperial “we” – really just me) endeavor to make your table top roleplaying games more enjoyable, colorful and interesting. I’m your guide and host, the Mayor of Trolltown. Mayor for short. Though don’t call me “May.” That’s a girl’s name, and […]

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