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Color in games: An in-depth look at one of game design’s most useful tools

This doesn’t exactly relate to dungeon tiles, but it does fit into the mandate we’ve set for ourselves — the ambit of things that relate to RPGs, dungeon runs, gaming and the like. And I think we can all agree that art is an important aspect of everything we do and like.

From comics to game box covers, monster manuals to playing cards, art is not just important, but invaluable – and increasingly so as our society continues to become more and more visually literate (and less and less actually literate… but I digress). So art is paramount (at least for many products), and color is an important part of art – good, bad or otherwise.

One of the things that all artists get training in is color, because use of color is critically important to good design, and to setting the mood and tone of a piece of work. Color has emotional value which many of us realize subconsciously, but don’t necessarily know how to use to advantage. That’s what color theory and training are all about for young artists.

This article discusses how color is used in games, much the same way it is used in painting, comics, graphic design, film and in virtually every area of life today. You probably didn’t realize it, but consideration of color – it’s compliments and contrasts and how it is all used – now colors (sorry) virtually every aspect of modern life, from the clothes you wear to the car you drive to the apps you use to the design decisions made for the menu at Denny’s.

If you want to understand how important color is to mood-setting, this article offers much. Highly recommended.

– Lrak, Mayor of Trolltown

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