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Map Tiles on Patreon – TrollTown is Live – FREE Dungeon Tiles for D&D

Launched. Live. Live It Up?

Well, now we’ve gone and done it. After months of hard labor, breaking rocks (of a sort), we’re FINALLY live on Patreon — where you can now stampede to become our patron and get your map tiles! Yippey! Right?

As my Daddy used to say: Now we can retire.

Ahem. Yeah right. As if.

Launching is only half the battle. If that. It accomplishes next-to-nothing in and of itself.

Still, it took a heck of a lot of work to put our Troll Town Patreon page put together. I mean, you can think of it as a mini-website unto itself. This, on top of all those gob-darned dungeon tiles that had to be built. Here’s how it went:

map tilesFirst, it took a long time to figure out our levels (Level Up!) and what we were going to offer. Yeah. Brain strain! Something we trolls really don’t like.

Second, scintillating copy had to be written. For a dumb cave troll working with hammer and chisel, this is no mean feat.

Third, graphics had to be generated. Again, difficult and time consuming. Being a craftstroll does not mean one does fresco! Patreon assures us that having appealing graphics is critical to success on the platform. As a one-time marketing troll, I tend to concur — even though it’s been brutal and ugly. Just like Mom. 😮

Ouch! Sorry, Mom.

Fourth, video had to be created. Again, Patreon assures us that profiles with videos tend to do better. That’s fine, but creating video is nothing less than a major undertaking in and of itself. Watch the video and you’ll see why.

Then — joy of joys — it turned out we needed to produce not one, not two, but THREE variants of the same video: one for Patreon, one for YouTube (and general use) and one for this website. Yikes! It’s enough to cause one to go back and live under a bridge. Again!

> Watch the Patreon version.

> Watch the YouTube version.

> Watch the Website version.

Can you see the differences?

Get Your Map Tiles Now, Troll Friend!

So now we’re “officially” launched on Patreon, and our map tiles are available to everyone! But this is not it. No way. There’s much more to do behind the scenes. The circus tent is up, the signs and banners and bunting are going up, but out of sight there’s a mad scramble to get ready for the crowd. Assuming there is a crowd. Opening night is always like that.

And now we’ve got to get the word out about our map tiles. There’s nothing sadder than a circus tent in the middle of nowhere, and nobody comes. 🙁

By the way, you can help with the crowd and getting the word out. How?

  1. Comment on this page (and others): Google likes that.
  2. Share this page and other content on this site. Google really likes that!
  3. Show the love at Patreon, by sharing that page with others.
  4. Finally, and perhaps most importantly (at least to the continued and ongoing existence of TrollTown), become a patron!

Your help and support is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your attention. As you were.

Get the Basic Dungeon and Tunnel Tiles Sets NOW! Click Here to Become our Patron Today.

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