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Get Your F-R-E-E Map Tiles Today!

Map tiles. Dungeon tiles. Game tiles. The terms vary, but the basic concept is the same. Small tiles that represent the ground — rooms, hallways, features — that characters are exploring and fighting upon and within. The purpose is to provide an atmospheric, exciting, colorful way to game out roleplaying adventures on the table top, particularly for those using miniatures, standups (like Steve Jackson Games’ Cardboard Heroes) or markers.

Free Map Tiles - Tunnel Tiles - Set 1

Map Tile PDF for Tunnels of the Crimson Bandits. Free Map Tiles and a complete dungeon plan. All you’ve gotta do is add a few monsters and traps and you’re set. Print out the tiles for table-top play with miniatures, standees or markers.

You can now get our second set of Free Map Tiles — Tunnels of the Crimson Bandits — which is derived from our Basic Tunnel Tiles Set.

Map Tiles – Your Options

For decades now, there have several different methods by which players and dungeon masters/game masters have created the environments in which player-characters cavorted around the landscape — and engaged in combat with the enemy.

  • Imagination: The GM/DM describes the environment, and he (or she) is in total control of what you can and cannot do, since it’s entirely “theater of the mind.” Try and tell him that your wholly imagined vision of scene is correct. Ha! Fat chance. While totally appropriate and perfectly reasonable for “quickie” encounters, convos with NPCs and books of all sorts, it can be problematic (to say the least) when combat in a table top RPG rolls around.
  • Maps: Whether it’s something the GM pulls out or something your official “mapper” has created, it’s generally not very satisfying to the tacticians and armchair warriors of a game group. “You’re somewhere over here, the bad guys are somewhere over here.” It works. Sort of. But not all that well, and certainly not for those who prefer more detail.
  • Reusable Surfaces: These are great, except for the fact that they’re not cheap, not fast and not colorful — at all. Further, they require somebody to do physical labor (“Draw faster!”) while a combat is supposed to be taking place!
  • Paper Tiles: Economical, flexible and easy to use, but (until now) very limited in scope or variation. Generally limited to a very specific situation (a small dungeon, an tavern, etc.) until the advent of TrollTown Dungeon Tiles.
  • 3D Tiles: Certainly the most colorful and visually exciting option, but also (by far) the most expensive, cumbersome and inconvenient.

There are times any and all of the above are the perfect fit for a given situation. But I think we can all agree that, most times, players would rather have visual aids than not. And particularly when it comes to combat, most players prefer a detailed representation of things to best make use of their character’s skills/abilities. Which is why, I think it’s safe to say, most players would rather use map tiles of some kind. Being able to quickly set up, interact with and explore environments is, in our humble (OK, not so humble) collective opinion, a much better way to do things than not. And since TrollTown Dungeon Tiles are designed to work for any environment (dungeons, tunnels, caverns (coming soon) and much more), you never have to worry about having a cool, colorful, instantly appealing way to play out your RPG scenarios.

Go Ahead – Rip Us Off!

dungeon-tunnel-tiles-now-available-trolltown-xyzSo here’s how you get the free map tiles PDF. All you’ve gotta do is make like a Crimson Bandit and serve yourself a sticky five-finger (or really, one click) discount. We’re going to let you rip us off and we’re glad for it, ’cause we really want you to see just how cool our map tiles actually are. The only “cost” to you — if you can call it that — is to give us some love. All you’ve gotta do is click a social button below to share what it is you’re about to steal, then click the button that’s revealed. Simple, huh?

I know, I know: Mama told you to never steal. But in this case, we’re encouraging you to do it — and be proud of it. She’ll be proud of your cagey acumen. Tell the world, dawg!

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Steal From Us — AGAIN!

So we’re allowing you to steal the Tunnels of the Crimson Brigands mini-dungeon. You’re going to get away 100% Scot Free (Troll Free?). We’re glad to do it, and we think it’s cool. We hope you’ll use it in good stead. But more to the point, we hope you’ll see the great value in our dungeon tiles, and decide that you can’t live without all of them — all 90+ tiles from the two basic sets.

Which leads up to Patreon. You can get all this map tile goodness — as well as all future updates, additions and expansions of the Basic Tunnel Tiles and Basic Dungeon Tiles Sets — by becoming our patron. That’s right, you’re going to become a patron of the arts and support us, so that we can afford to keep doing this. But the great news for you, oh clever rogue, is that you’re going to get in and out of this for a buck. That’s right, a single, measly dollar. $1 American.

Get the Basic Dungeon and Tunnel Tiles Sets NOW! Click Here to Become our Patron Today.

You’ll instantly get both Dungeon Tile Sets, to do with as you like. Make your own dungeons! Re-create your favorite dungeons. Give yourself an incredibly colorful, cool, fun tool to use in your gaming sessions! And if you do the smart thing and stay around — supporting us on a monthly basis (again, for $1 you’ll never miss) — you’ll keep getting more tiles every month. Pretty badass-bitchin’, huh?

So see? Tell Mama. Theft works, and crime really does pay. 😉

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