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Shadows of Esteren – A Medieval Horror RPG: Dearg

Jim Searcy is raising funds for Shadows of Esteren – A Medieval Horror RPG: Dearg on Kickstarter! The multi-award winning dark fantasy RPG from France, between Ravenloft, Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu.

This is a truly epic launch of what appears to be a game changing medieval horror RPG over on Kickstarter. This is a “monster launch.” By that, I mean a full-on multi-media spectacular. We’re talking really, really good art, books (tomes) galore, custom gewgaws, special dice… even original music!

Short of TV commercials and a big name star, this thing’s got everything going for it. Dope!

This is the kind of launch that makes most of  us — even us big, badass craftstrolls — want to curl into fetal balls and bawl our eyes out. We’re talking world-class rollout here folks.

I can’t speak to the game itself. But what I’ve seen of the mechanics look very interesting. The milieu, while hardly new, appears to be very well realized, too. Here at TrollTown, we’re blown away, impressed and somewhat jealous of the success this thing has had so far. But whadda ya gonna do?

If you love RPGs, classic environments and lush game systems, then Esteren may well be for you.

– Lrak, Mayor of Trolltown

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