a couple of years ago

Thanks to Our First Patrons…

We’ve got patrons! Great Troll Gods! It’s happened! Here they are; hopefully, the first of many. 🙂

We’re on our way with our first batch of honest-to-goodness, “for real” patrons. Thanks to these good folks for believing in us and showing support.

As our first backers, your names shall be enshrined in history, incised in stone (well, at least digitally) and celebrated in song and rhyme throughout the land. Strike up the bard!

Rocky Mountain Bog Monster

Chelsie Burtis

Reggie Miles

Darron Williams

Kevin Bailey

Thank you, one and all, for showing us the love. It means a lot, and we trolls greatly appreciate it.

Now back to the dungeon tile crafting. Trollkin – stoke the fires! Craftstrolls – ready thy mighty thews! Slaves – prepare the goblins for lunch! And go easy on the garlic this time…

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