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THIS DEFIANT EARTH: 1950s Sci-Fi Movie Roleplaying!

C. Michael Hall is raising funds for THIS DEFIANT EARTH: 1950s Sci-Fi Movie Roleplaying! on Kickstarter!

Defend 1950s America from subterranean monsters, alien invaders, and the horrific results of science gone mad in this fun-filled RPG!

Ah, the 50s. When men were men, minorities knew their place (ahem), and Amerika was safe, clean and damn near perfect (ahem, ahem). That’s what my sources tell me, anyway. I wouldn’t know. Being a troll. Who has lived most of his life under a bridge.

Seriously, other than the fact that the risk of thermonuclear war was ever-present, McCarthyism had the entire nation in fear of being suspected of harboring “unAmerican thoughts” and racism, misogyny, intolerance and outright bigotry was part and parcel of everyday life, it was all just jake. Which probably explains where all those deeply repressed monster movies of the era came from.

Nobody to my knowledge has done an RPG in the “scary monster movie of the ’50s” genre – which is actually kinda surprising when you stop and think about it. Just about every other genre has been done, and a few have been done to death!

But this looks like a clever little game with interesting game mechanics and great art – which follows, as it was designed and built by a former comic book artist! To which I say, “Good man!”

It’s a Kickstarter right now, and it looks worth checking out (to us trolls, anyway). So DO IT!

– Lrak, Mayor of Trolltown

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