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Dungeon Tiles Galore!The Mayor of Troll Town, Lrak, maker of Dungeon Tiles for mapping, gaming and miniatures.

Welcome to Troll Town, your Dungeon Tiles HQ, where we (the imperial “we” – really just me) endeavor to make your table top roleplaying games more enjoyable, colorful and interesting. I’m your guide and host, the Mayor of Trolltown. Mayor for short. Though don’t call me “May.” That’s a girl’s name, and us big male alpha-trolls actually are fiercesomely prideful, a tad bit misogynistic and notoriously thin skinned – despite the extra thick hide that protects us from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune – and Elves!

So specifically, what we’re doing here is producing really cool, very extensive sets of dungeon mapping tiles that you can print out at home, use to enhance exploration and combat, and just generally flesh-out your adventures. Eventually, if things go well, we’ll provide pre-printed sets of dungeon tiles on heavy card stock, so you don’t have to print ’em yourself. The trade off will be, of course, much greater cost. But since some people will gladly pay for ease and convenience, we should be able to satisfy all comers. Eventually, that is. As soon as we get Troll Town really rolling.

Get the Basic Dungeon and Tunnel Tiles Sets NOW! Click Here to Become our Patron Today.

Troll Town Dungeon Tile - TrollTown.xyz - Copyright 2106 by Troll Town and MannMany Map Tiles – More To Come!

Right now we’ve got two cool, basic sets – The Dungeon and the The Tunnels – with much, much more to come soon. You’ll be able to get full access to them via a very, very minimal (about as freakin’ minimal as we can make it) contribution at Patreon. Yeah, that’s right, boyo (or girl-o, as the case may be), you can support the hard-working artisan here at Troll Town – again, yours truly, the Mayor – by becoming (DRUM ROLL PLEASE) a patron of the arts! Cool, huh?

Troll Town Tunnels Dungeon Tile - TrollTown.xyz - Copyright 2106 by Troll Town and MannFortunately, you don’t have to have the budget of some over-served rich shit bird or evil old pope, like the one who commissioned Michelangelo to fill the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with visions of purity and holy splendor – while the Church itself wallowed in corruption, indulgence and the most vile kinds of sin.


Yeah. Ahem. Sorry. I digress. My business advisors (local orc “merchants”) tell me I shouldn’t upset the religious sorts – they tend to like to flay and fry freethinkers on the auto de fe – so I’ll shut it. I mean, really, who has time for all that?

Dungeon Tiles – Nearly Free

So the freakin’ point is… again… that you can be our patron for next ta nothin’! In fact, it will only cost you…

One measely dolla per month! $1! 100 pennies!

You easily spend ten times that on Elf Chips and Dragon Ale with every gaming session! It’s less than a shaved silver piece! So what are you waiting for? Go hither and SIGN UP NOW! (Well, when you can… check back here shortly!).

Get the Basic Dungeon and Tunnel Tiles Sets NOW! Click Here to Become our Patron Today.
Once you do, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to our truly badass basic dungeon tiles – as well as all the updates and extra goodies we’re going to produce – for as long as you stay with us. Er… me. Whatever. And if you want to be an even bigger supporter, we’ve got options for that, too. Check it out!

OK. So, as if you couldn’t tell, this site is brand-spankin’ new, and we’re hard at work on gettin’ everything ready for launch, so please bear with me/us.  In the meantime, stay sharp, and avoid the Pickled Goblin!*

*Trust a troll on this. It’s a very, very bad idea. Yeah, it smells really good and tastes even better. But it’ll tear ya up inside. The whole town spent a night “sharing the throne,” if you know what mean…

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